Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah -- Another Big Dick?

Well, it appears that Palin has figured out what the vice president does. Or at least what she would like to do as vice president. An "expanded role"--sort of like what Cheney had in mind.

Thursday night's debate highlighted a major problem with the format of debates over the past few election cycles, namely, that it is way too easy for one of the debaters to skip difficult or embarrassing questions, and there is insufficient opportunity to challenge statements that are misleading or false.

When I was a wee pup, the bigger kids would often let me play in their ball games. But I did not like it when they said "But his runs and outs don't count." After seeing Palin's interviews with Gibson and Couric, I wondered if the pundits would agree that Palin's "runs and outs" don't count. After the debate, I suspect the Republicans will want to claim her strikes don't count, but her balls do. I think she has to show she can speak her own mind. After all, Hollywood is full of actresses who can deliver scripted lines better than Palin can.

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