Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did Obama give a speech?

I was spinning around the televison channels Thursday night, trying to decide which of the many over-the-air stations had the clearest picture. I was not entirely surprised when I turned to channel 45 (WBFF), a Fox affiliate in Baltimore, that it was not broadcasting Obama's speech. "Those biased bastards," I thought.

But then I dropped back to channel 43 (WPMT), also a Fox affiliate, but broadcasting from York County, Pennsylvania. There was Obama, orating away. So I checked channel 5 (WTTG), another Fox affiliate broadcasting from Washington, DC, and there was Obama again.

Then I remembered. Four years ago, during another campaign. The Sinclair Broadcast Group demanded the stations it owns nationwide preempt regular broadcasting and air a scurrilous video-turd, a deceitful smear agaist Democratic candidate John Kerry. WBFF was one of those stations. Now its master has pulled its leash again, trying to muffle another Democratic candidate.

UPDATE: (4 September 2008) Well, they carried live the first 15 minutes or so of McSame's speech. I guess they don't like the former Maverick as much as they like Moosekiller Palin.

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