Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saint Matthew's Churches -- They're back

I don't know if it's the anti-evolutionist who sent me letters and a Chick tract (Big Daddy) sending my address to these bozos, but this is the third time I've received an invitation to mail money to the Church Of The Post Office Box. I posted about this scam before, and I've heard a few people mention it. Their emphasis seems to be on asking God for money (or other worldly goods, like new cars or "big 6 room houses"); heck, the yellow-colored free crucifix is referred to as a "prosperity cross." Of course, in order to receive these blessings the mark is urged to send in a generous "seed" gift, i.e., first you have to send them money, the more the better (for them).

These scammers have become more sophisticated. They now have their own Web page, where they inform us that this is a very old church with a rich (so to speak) heritage: You are welcome to view the website of this very old church ministry. First established in 1951. Imagine that--they've been scamming wretched people for just over 50 years!

It's stuff like this that reminds me not to laugh at the poor benighted Cargo Cultists or Haitian voodoo practitioners. We have plenty of people right here in America wishing for magical interventions.

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