Monday, May 28, 2007

Creationism museum of deception opens today

Today is the grand opening of Ken Ham's $27 million Creationism Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. There is something quite fitting about the fact that it borrows heavily from Hollywood--animatronic dinosaurs in dioramas alongside of humans--providing an atmosphere of make-believe for those wishing to live in a world of fantasy.

As reported on Public Radio this morning, scientists say all the dinosaurs died out by about 65 million years ago. Not for Ken Ham, however. Ham doesn't let mere science get in the way. After all, he claims, those evil atheist evolutionists are attacking Christianity, so True Christians(TM) must use their heavy artillery, otherwise known as Lying For Jesus. Creationists must not only deny the science of evolution, they must also deny physics, chemistry, geology, as well as most of the rest of biology.

It's a beautiful world portrayed by the Creation Museum. To get there, just close your eyes tightly and repeat, "I wish the world was like this; I wish the world was like this; I wish..."

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Anonymous John P said...

Don't you need ruby slippers for that last part?

10:38 PM  

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