Thursday, October 27, 2005

Letters bring letters

As I mentioned in my last post, my most recent letter to the editor of the York Daily Record regarding Creationism was published just over three weeks after sending it. Such a delay can be quite frustrating if responding to rapidly-changing situations, however, that's certainly not the case when dealing with Creationists' arguments. On the other hand, the Postal Service quickly delivered a response to my letter: an envelope postmarked Lancaster the day after my LTE appeared in the paper arrived in my mailbox two days later. Some generous but anonymous person must have been concerned that I might not have enough Jack Chick bible tracts and very kindly sent me a copy of Big Daddy?.

I have to wonder if a person would really think that I would discard knowledge and rationality after reading such an infantile caricature--does that person think these tracts present something even remotely resembling reality? I can just picture him or her muttering, "Yes, that is just what university science classes are like!"

Of course, it could be that the anonymous tract donor was suggesting that Big Daddy? could be used alongside of the copies of Of Pandas and People that were donated to the Dover school board.


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