Sunday, November 02, 2008

I can't see Canada from my house

Just in case you haven't heard vice-presidential aspirant Sarah Palin's conversation with (as she thought) French president Nicholas Sarkozy, I suggest you check it out here. Try and figure out at what point Palin catches on to the prank--was it when "Sarkozy" spoke with a funny accent? When he referred to Canadian Prime Minister Stef Carse (even I know the PM is Stephen Harper)? Or was it when the caller announced that Palin had been pranked?

So is Palin prepared? Perhaps if she studies a bit, she may yet become prepared for an appearance on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. Even former Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, in a reckless moment of honesty, said Palin was unprepared for the position of vice president.

Note: I just searched for palin and "smarter than a fifth grader." Google returned about 46,100 hits.

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Anonymous Stop Smoking said...

Very funny. - Good thing they didn't pretend this was a 3am call...

3:57 AM  

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