Monday, June 02, 2008

A too brief vacation

I just returned from a one-week trip to Moosehead Lake, Maine, where I have been going nearly every year for the past twenty-some-odd years (and some of those years were odd indeed). This year we rented a cabin at a camp near the East Outlet (Kennebec River), pictured above. That's Big Spencer Mountain framed by the gap in the trees.

Our group of co-workers and friends has been making the trip for about 27 years, staying at a colleague's family property on the other side of the lake, closer to the southern end. Unfortunately, that property had to be sold; however, a new place to stay led to novel experiences and new perspectives. And I don't just mean that from this angle Big Spencer Mountain looks smaller than Little Spencer Mountain. Somehow, it seems that we reserved the cabin usually booked around this time of year by a bunch of geezers who have been coming to the same place for about 60 years. Yikes, that could be us in another 30 20 couple of decades.

It's very easy to get used to such a vacation, especially when one's cell phone doesn't get a signal and there are no computers around. I suppose I must snap out of vacation mode now and think about cutting my grass, which is knee-high where I did not mow before leaving.



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