Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No news; news

While in Maine I checked the papers to see if there was any mention of the recent effort to teach religion as science in School Administrative District 59, specifically, in Athens, Maine. I found no mention of that, but did come across a letter to the editor of the Bangor Daily News (27 May) by one Donald V. Organ of Northport. Mr. Organ says about evolution,
To the extent that it is a viable explanation of the world in which we live, it is clearly of value.
Well, that seems reasonable, but then he goes on to complain about a previous writer's claim that creationism is unprovable. This, he claims,
...excludes [creationism] as a subject worthy of any scientific study thereby eliminating the risk that such a study might prove that creationism is factual.
He's correct, right up to the point where he thinks that there's a chance that creationism could actually be the subject of scientific study and thereby "proven" factual. No, Mr. Organ, there is no
theory of creationism. And to ask the silly question "What are evolutionists afraid of?" shows a total lack of understanding of what science is and how it is done. But to answer your question, evolutionists are afraid that if creationism is taught as if it were a science on an equal level with evolution, we risk raising a generation of confused, ignorant, scientific illiterates unable to compete in a global economy or to face the challenges of disease, climate change, and other issues where understanding science provides a powerful tool.

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