Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can Intelligent Design researchers say this?

Michael Eisen of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is the co-leader of a project studying comparative genomics of fruit flies. After sequencing the genomes of ten species of fruit flies they followed the evolutionary trail of genes and associated regulatory regions, pathways, and cellular processes in these ten plus two additional species of Drosophila.

This work allowed the researchers to construct a phylogenetic tree showing the relatedness of the dozen species. But it allows much more, and that is summed up by a quote from Eisen; their work
allows you to map where [genetic] changes occur along the tree, and that allows you to study the process of evolution, not just the product.

Now, just for comparison, what research in Intelligent Design Creationism can make a similar claim? What cdesign proponentsists have even agreed that it is appropriate to study the process of Intelligent Design Creationism?

A brief summary of this work appears in the 9 November issue of Science; more than 40 papers published in Nature and other journals deal with various aspects of it.

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