Thursday, September 27, 2007

Food safety and capitalism in China

I've got some catching up to do, but I wanted to add this quickie before I forget. All the talk lately about toxic toys that are being recalled, killer pet food and food ingredients imported from China and added to our manufactured food...what are we complaining about? Please bear in mind that our Commander in Chimp is determined to spread capitalism and the American Way around the world. That's exactly what's going on in China. Not some effort by the government of China to terrorize America; it's just free enterprise at work.

I witnessed this phenomenon when visiting China one summer. It was very hot, and people everywhere carried bottled water. Enterprising youngsters would fetch discarded bottles from trash bins, fill them at the nearest roadside ditch, and offer them for sale. Now, what's wrong with that? As a coworker once explained to me (he was a John Bircher), as long as there is someone willing to buy, any sale ought to be allowed. If a product leads to illness, the sick buyer has the right to take the seller to court. Presumably, this applies to the heirs if the buyer happens to die because of an unsafe product.

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