Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sore losers seen for what they are: losers

A year after the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial, proponents of Intelligent Design are still whining, this time in a press release from the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture that castigates Federal judge John E. Jones III. The judge's sin was to excerpt materials from the proposed findings of fact submitted by the plaintiffs in the case instead of writing up that section of his decision de novo. It's a common practice, as commented on by a number of attorneys quoted in the York Daily Record and the York Dispatch (here and here). The tone of the articles in these papers, especially the Dispatch editorial, are not sympathetic to the Discovery Institute.

The Disco Institute's crybaby behavior is the subject of much discussion at Dispatches from the Culture Wars (several posts), Panda's Thumb, Red
State Rabble
, and Stranger Fruit, among others. I like John Lynch's characterization of the DI doing "science by press release"--why try to convince scientists when it's so much easier to convince an uninformed public?


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