Saturday, December 02, 2006

How did Noah fit all those dinosaurs on the Ark?

What's the problem? If Noah had dinosaurs like this Diplodocus, he could have stuffed them on the bookshelves, just like I have done. For crying out loud, you didn't think I was going to try to present some half-assed exposition of how some mythical hero rounded up and squeezed living, breathing, dinosaurs onto a big boat, did you? Get real--the last of the dinosaurs died more than 60 million years ago; some species died out more than 200 million years ago, long, long before Noah could even have been a twinkle in his pa's eye.

However, the Bible tells us that Noah must have brought dinosaurs aboard, because it specifically mentions two: a raven and a dove (in the Babylonian version of the story, it's a dove, a swallow, and a raven).

Nah, it's stretching things a bit too much to equate dinosaur descendants (birds) with the numerous dinosaur species that lived hundreds of millions of years before humans appeared. If I invite you to dinner and tell you to bring your family, I don't mean you should bring along all those ancestors who died before Nebuchadnezzar sat down on the throne.

There are, however, people who seriously argue how Noah might have accomplished such a task. "He took aboard little babies," or "He took eggs." I think I read Noah's article in the Journal of the East Eden Biological Society -- Determining Sex of Immature Albertosaurs with Minimal Mutilation of One's Hands. After all, Noah had to be sure he brought along the right number of the right sex of all species, lest he be smitten for disobedience.

Are the arguments of proponents of Intelligent Design Creationism any less silly?


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