Friday, December 15, 2006

Discovery Institute rant: Ho-hum

In my previous post I noted articles in the two York-area local newspapers that discussed the Discovery Institute's recent ravings about Federal Judge John E. Jones III having excerpted material from the plaintiff's submitted findings of fact in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Creationism trial that was decided one year ago. At the time I posted, the afternoon paper, the York Dispatch, had printed an editorial that was unsympathetic to the Disco Institute. Today, the morning paper, the York Daily Record, carried an editorial that was likewise not impressed. They found the 34-page whine "as surprising as news that auto accidents cause traffic jams":
"Dog bites man."
"Car crash causes traffic tie-up."
"Judge follows common legal practice in presenting opinion."

Another good line in the editorial:
It has long seemed that the institute is more about PR than science, playing on ignorance and bias in an effort to convince the masses that there's some serious scientific doubt about the soundness of evolutionary theory.
The really satisfying thing about these editorials is that they show the editors get it--they are not being fooled by the sciencey-sounding words of the ID proponents, they have sought second opinions from knowledgable sources, and they are not providing gratuitous, erroneous and disingenuous "other side" voices in a misguided effort to seek "balance." In this sense, Americans are getting educated.


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