Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vice President of US endorses torture, denies having brain

U.S. vice president Dick Cheney claimed Americans may torture suspected enemies because the President has the Constitutional right to do whatever he wants, if he says it is to fight the War On Terror. The Miami Herald reported on Cheney's interview on a right-wing radio talk show. Cheny also remarked " brainer for me...," apparently referring to his intellectual capacity.

Cheney doesn't consider the torture technique of waterboarding to actually be torture, anyway--it's merely a "dunk in water" to his way of thinking. White House Minister of Propaganda Tony Snow (transcript at Crooks and Liars) did his best to obfuscate, mitigate, and redefine Cheney's professed point of view, but it looks like people are beginning to see that this Administration's short hairs are not really covered by any magical clothing.


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