Monday, October 16, 2006

Another opportunity for Intelligent Design

Okay, Intelligent Design fans, here's another opportunity to demonstrate how one can detect design. In the 22 September 2006 issue of Science, there's an article about archaeology in Bosnia and how the once-impressive archaeology effort there is being sidetracked by non-professional diggings.

The problem lies with a large mound plus several smaller, nearby mounds that some people think are pyramids, constructed 12,000 years ago. Stjepan Coric, a geologist from Bosnia currently at the University of Vienna, is cited in the article saying stone slabs thought to be part of the pyramid's base are naturally- fractured rock, pieces of an upthrust lakebed, and tunnels in the pyramid, if of human origin, represent old mines.

So here is an opportunity to apply Dembski's "explanatory filter" to something to determine whether it is of natural or, designed, origin.


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