Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back to normal crackpottery

There are fewer letters to the editors of the local papers about Creationism, since the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial of almost a year ago. Things are getting back to normal. Which means there are still frequent letters exhorting the readership to obey the word of God (as the letter writers have received it and share it). Here's one from Mr. Floyd Eyler, a frequent contributor, that appeared in the York Daily Record. The writer appears to have confused himself with the prophet Jeremiah:

Isn't it great to live in new America, the land of unlimited freedom?

Freedom to legally kill unborn, unwanted children. Freedom from those hateful Ten Commandments in the public square. Freedom, in some areas, to marry anyone, regardless of gender. And a freedom to publicly burn the nation's flag - and on and on.

The problem is our sovereign God, who created all things, calls these freedoms abominations.

I must have attended one of those liberal Sunday schools, because they neglected to tell us how God told Moses, "Oh, and one more thing--thou shalt not burn any flags." Especially the flag that was created by God for His country. Then Mr. Eyler gets confused again, thinking he is Pat Robertson, and says:

But God has a zero tolerance of evil and one day will judge all these freedom-loving people who have rejected him and gone their own way.

History records the many times he has lowered the boom on nations that turn aside from him to follow their own devices. Do you really believe America won't suffer the same fate, if it doesn't repent and return to the Lord?

Don't you just hate those freedom-loving people? You know, the ones who rebelled against a king and adopted a Constitution to protect their freedoms?


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