Friday, April 21, 2006

Anti-evolution whackos still linger

There are fewer anti-evolution letters-to-the-editor showing up in the York, Pennsylvania, papers now than there were in the period leading up to and including the trial. The York Daily Record and the York Dispatch have always printed the occasional anti-evolution Bible-thumper epistle, and we don't expect them to diminish to pre-Kitzmiller numbers. Today's Daily Record carried a letter that was short and stupid; here it is in its entirety:
A picture and subsequent article was recently printed regarding "the missing link." If you ask me, it looks an awful lot like a mud puppy. I've seen them up close, and it's a spitting resemblance. So I guess they better keep on looking.
Brandon Schuster
Too bad the paper has a 300-word limit, otherwise Mr. Schuster might have been able to provide a description of the skeletal morphology of the legs, or details of the bones of the skull. For some reason, I have the distinct feeling he has never seen the skeleton of a mud puppy.

I hope Mr. Schuster is not a hunter, or if he is, I hope he stays away from my neighborhood. I fear he may think some cat, dog, car, or child might bear a "spitting resemblance" to a deer.


Blogger Daniel said...

I bet that Mr. Schuster attended one of Dino's lectures in Dover a month back or so, and learned his biology from him...

Poor Mr. Schuster.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anti-evolution whackos still linger"

A headline, I fear, that will never go out of style . . .

-Dan S.

1:05 PM  

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