Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You're a heckuva whiner, Brownie

Mikey Brown, ex-FEMA boss who was sent home and replaced by someone with experience, was heard on the news today making up excuses when questioned by a congressional panel investigating problems with the Katrina disaster. His whining excuses brought to mind the image of a young boy who, having been accused of breaking a lamp, still thinks he can shift the blame onto his little sister despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

I tried and tried, but they wouldn't listen to me!

I didn't have enough resources!

You expect me to be some kind of superhero?

You know, the governor of Louisiana is a democrat!

It's the evil media--They got me in trouble by lying about my resume!

What a snivelling icon of irresponsibility. And he's still picking up a FEMA paycheck. I wonder how he will describe his stint with FEMA on his resume.


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