Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A wedge between creationists?

There's an item from the York Dispatch of Monday, 19 September, that provides more evidence of the growing rift between Creationists. In this case, John West, associate director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture has declared “misguided” the Dover school board’s policy of mandatory reading of a statement that singles out evolution for special skeptical treatment and calls attention to Intelligent Design as a valid alternative. There appears to be a bit of a crack as well between the Discovery Institute and the Dover school board’s legal representation, the Thomas More Law Center. TMLC’s lead attorney, Richard Thompson, said that the Discovery Institute “has been a hindrance to the school district’s attempts to find ‘scientific’ witnesses to testify about intelligent design.” Earlier, DI fellows William Dembski, John Campbell, and Stephen Meyer were “fired” as expert witnesses by TMLC because of a dispute over providing their own legal representation.

Also note how the truth gets twisted in a few places, such as Casey Luskin saying the Discovery Institute "wants intelligent design to be debated by the scientificcommunity."
We know, in fact, that they are only interested in sham debates (as they wanted in Kansas) and have never ever published their research in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, where real debates about science take place.Also laughable, Thomas More Law Center's Richard Thompson will have Michael Behetestify that "intelligent design is not a religious movement"--therefore must bedefended in Dover by "The sword and Shield for People of Faith", which "specializesin cases related to the religious freedom of Christians."


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