Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Praise for a photo-op

I just heard Senator Trent Lott (R-Miss.) on the evening news praising President Bush for the actions he took following the Katrina disaster. Specifically, he was very much impressed that the President came and strutted around his neighborhood. No other president, Lott commented, walked around this town after the last hurricane hit.

So, I guess the pains of this catastophe are assuaged by a photo-op?

I don't know how much walking around in the storm-beaten territory these guys did, but according to a post at Democratic Underground Forums, Bill Clinton declared the areas affected by Hurricane Floyd disaster areas, then flew home from New Zealand (where he was meeting with Chinese President Jiang), the day before Floyd hit made landfall in 1999. In 1992, Bush I returned to Washington from his re-election campaign the day before the storm hit, and sent National Guard, regular military, and necessary gear to begin cleanup within hours after the storm passed. And in 1969, Richard Nixon readied, in advance, National Guard, Coast Guard, and military to move into the areas hit by Hurricane Camille as soon as the storm passed.

But who'd a'thunk a category 4 hurricane could cause so much damage?


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