Sunday, January 29, 2017

W's Happy Dance

I heard that yesterday, former President George W. Bush was seen and heard in the street doing a "happy dance" and singing over and over again, "I'm not the worst presnint ever after all!" I can't verify this, but I guess in Trumpterms, that means it must be true as an alternative fact.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Birth Certificate and Golden Shower

We're all familiar with the long-lived yet long-discredited Republican myth: Barack Obama was born in Kenya, his Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery, and conspirators placed a false announcement of his birth in the local paper many, many years before he ran for president. Today, everybody except the congenitally deluded understands this myth was just an expression of the ignoratti's racial animus toward our nation's first African-American president.

A new story has just arisen, this time with regard to president-elect Donald Trump. It follows close on the heels of news of the Russian hacking of the presidential campaigns and Trump's involvement as a puppet or useful idiot of Vladimir Putin. It includes "perverted" sexual activities that Putin might use to blackmail the soon-to-be leader of the free world, with an episode of "golden showers" in particular. Some elements of this story lend it credibility: Trump has visited Russia; Trump campaign people had been involved in lobbying for Putin's desired outcome in Ukraine; and Trump has been filmed bragging about his sexual activities with numerous women to whom he was not married.

This story has not been verified. Conceivably, the whole thing may be a story made up by "some dude" sitting at a computer. A precedent for that is the alleged quote by George W. Bush regarding having to act within the bounds of the Constitution: "It's just a goddam piece of paper!" All citations of that quote linked to the same source (if any link was provided) and that source provided no evidence of its veracity.

But you know, Donald Trump continued to bring up the false birth certificate myth long after it was debunked. It would serve him right if for years people refer to him as "Pissident Trump" and giggle over a leak from the White House, and wonder if his next speech will be live streamed. Indeed, a golden age of comedy.

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